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The beginning of Autumn

Guest article on change and mindfulness from Jess 

As I am writing this I am sat on a slightly cold and damp bench looking out onto Douster Pound in Buchan Country Park. The water is calm and flowing freely, ripples glistening in the sun. The water’s surface has areas of darkness, and areas of lightness just like the surface of our own minds and lives. The beginning of autumn is here, a time of change which may go missed if we forget to notice it.

As I walked through the park on this beautiful fresh autumn morning I noticed the colour of the leaves on the trees which have just started to change. On some, just the edges are starting to change yellow and brown. Others have undergone such drastic change that they are now vibrant reds and oranges mimicking the colour of sunsets in early evenings. Leaves are starting to fall to the ground, forming bright blankets which cover the woodland floor. Pinecones, chestnuts, and acorns can be found under the trees, accompanied by squirrels scurrying around to collect their lunch. I noticed an array of moss on the tree trunks, colour of all varieties from soft greens to bright oranges. The first sightings of the robins with their bright red breast bring joy to my mind as I watch them perch on the tree trunks and listen to their familiar song. I can hear the wind rustling in the trees and if I focus mindfully I can pick out different tones, unique to each type of foliage.

Autumn is a time of change, although change is always happening, autumn is a visual reminder of this as our environment changes so drastically. Even as I am sat here in this small window of time, change is constantly happening; the sun has moved position resulting in different areas of light and dark on the pond, new birds have arrived to share their song, and I have watched old leaves fall gently to the ground. Autumn gives us the opportunity to tune into our environment, to notice the small subtle changes that when added together create a whole new season. Mindfully observing change in our environment can remind us to apply the same techniques to our thoughts and emotions, which, when accepted without judgement can move and flow freely. Trust in change and honour its presence with mindfulness and acceptance, take it all in for it may lead you to beautiful things.

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